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With quality being the operative word, at CoolLogic we do not cut corners.

Our comprehensive health and safety system meets the requirements of AS/ NZS4801:2001 and the NZ Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. 

Our proprietary systems are designed with intelligent technology and we continue to stay abreast of innovations in technology and process. Members of our team travel internationally to multiple conferences in order to gather intelligence and stay ahead of our competition. Due to being part of the much larger Horizon Energy Group, we can offer extensive and sophisticated capability as a constant.

CoolLogic, as part of The Horizon Energy Group, is inherently and genuinely committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Sustainability is the first of our guiding principles.

We encourage and provide natural cooling solutions that reduce energy consumption built with longevity in mind. Plug-in hybrids and electrical vehicles make up part of our fleet, and we have installed a fast charging network for local Eastern Bay customers, now managed by ChargeNet. We also offer our commercial customers solar power and lighting.

Community and sustainability go hand in hand as one fosters the other. They both come back to care. Care of our environment and the people that inhabit it. We are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and live in the communities we work in.



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