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As we continue to grow our portfolio of products for the refrigeration, automation and CA industry, we are pleased to announce being granted the exclusive distribution rights for Storex B.V. trademarked products.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, with a production-facility in Belgium and an intensive network of dealers and distributors worldwide, Storex is a privately owned company that manufactures CA-equipment, carbon dioxide-absorbers / nitrogen generators, analysers, ethylene converters and supplier of total CA-solutions. Their technology is implemented worldwide and is the most innovative and advanced now available.

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What is Controlled Atmosphere (CA)?

A controlled atmosphere is an agricultural storage method in which the concentrations of oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen, as well as the temperature and humidity of a storage room are regulated.

Both dry commodities and fresh fruit and vegetables can be stored in controlled atmospheres.

Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA Storage)

By lowering the O2 level in controlled atmosphere storage rooms, fruit will respirate less slowing down the ripening process. If the O2 level is too low, anaerobic fermentation will start and the sugar in the fruit will turn into ethanol giving the fruit a bad taste, and making it unmarketable.  DCA Storage is an accurate, reliable and easy-to-use system that will find the lowest possible O2 level to store fruit at. The optimal O2 level varies depending on the variety, growing season and age / composition of the fruit.

Storing fruit at the lowest possible O2 level leads to:

  • better firmness and shelf life compare to regular controlled atmosphere;
  • maximum reduction of scald, skin spot and pit rot;
  • non chemical treatment;
  • better taste, process of ripening restarts; and
  • better appearance of the fruit.

For more information about DCA Storage, contact your local CoolLogic representative or complete our online enquiry form.

Dynamic Control System (DCS Automatic)

DCS Automatic measures the ethanol-production of the stored fruit on a daily basis.

DCS Automatic benefits include:

  • measurement of ethanol - the only direct indicator of fermentation;
  • daily measurement of ethanol production and respiration;
  • decay indication, aerobic vs anaerobic fermentation;
  • large replaceable sample;
  • nondestructive analysis;
  • no interference with ripening blockers; and
  • perfect tool for post-harvest consultants.

For more information about DCS Automatic, contact your local CoolLogic representative or complete our online enquiry form.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Scrubber

Whilst in storage, fruit respirate and produce CO2. If the room is gas tight, the CO2 will accumulate and these high levels of CO2 can cause severe damage to the fruit. By removing the CO2 with a CO2absorber, you can control the CO2 level, prevent damage and increase the period of storage significantly.

To prevent accumulation of CO2, the room air of a coldstore is filtered by a CO2 absorber / scrubber, using active carbon is used as an absorption medium. When the active carbon is saturated, the medium can be regenerated by using fresh air. To transport the room air, each room is connected with tubes and valves to the scrubber. When, after measuring the CO2 level as too high, the scrubber will start the process.

The capacity of the scrubber depends on the stored product and the stored quantity. Storex offers scrub-capacity from 50 kg up to 1,800 kg CO2 daily.

For more information about the CO2 Scrubber, contact your local CoolLogic representative or complete our online enquiry form.

Nitrogen Generators

By reducing the O2 level in a coldstore, the respiration / ripening of the fruit will be reduced significantly. A lower rate of respiration means a longer storage-period. To get a gas tight coldroom at the appropriate conditions, Nitrogen is released into the room.

The time to achieve the desired O2 level depends on:

  • the size of the room;
  • the total volume / weight of stored products in the room;
  • the desired oxygen level (p.e 5 or 3%); and
  • the purity of Nitrogen.

Based on these variables, the capacity of the generator is calculated.

During the storage period, the O2 level can increase unintentionally due to:

  • the room not being sufficiently gas tight;
  • leaking tubes and / or valves;
  • excessive O2 input from the scrubber;
  • the cooling system is causing too much under pressure; or
  • uncontrolled atmospheric changes. 

Should any of these issues occur, the Nitrogen generator help to maintain the desired O2 level.

If the room is opened during storage, to pack and sort a partial delivery, the generator can easily bring the room back to its desired storage conditions.

For fruit storage, Storex has developed the Vacuum Swing Absorption (VSA) system to produce Nitrogen. The generator consists of two vessels containing special active carbon to filter out the O2 from the ambient air. With the VSA-principle, the generator produces Nitrogen with use of very low over and under pressure.

The VSA-system produces Nitrogen with only -0,8 and +0,8 bar pressure. The VSA-generators are available from 10 - 100 m3 / hour.

For more information about Nitrogen Generators, contact your local CoolLogic representative or complete our online enquiry form.